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Dr Jordan creates tailored talks relevant to your audience, drawing on his vast experiences and stories of creativity and innovation, with particular focus on the intersection between technology and humanity:

>> Sci-fi technologies changing the world and how these will affect our businesses

>> STEM/STEAM and the important characteristics and traits for future careers

>> Next generations coming through and why businesses must prepare for a changing workforce

>> Our ever-evolving relationship between technology and humanity – how technology will assist and augment us, and how we are integrating with technology and the digital world

>> How technology innovation will play an unprecedented role in new forms of collaboration

>> The next big disruptive technologies your business needs to know to survive, and to help shape a better world and future. Just a few examples include:

              - Robotics

              - Artificial Intelligence

              - 3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping

              - Virtual Reality

              - Augmented Reality

>> The rapid rise of social businesses and enterprises and what these mean for your business

>> Motivational / Inspiration talks to empower and activate audiences to tackle new challenges and collaborations

>> Creativity and new ways of thinking from a story-led, humanity-focussed technology creation perspective

>> Awe-inspiring, thought-provoking, big-picture talks to entertain, educate, and stretch the minds of audiences


Further to custom talks, some talk topic ideas to start with are here:



With today’s staggering advances in technology, many new possibilities are emerging which almost seem to have come straight out of the realms of sci-fi fantasy. When we connect some of the dots between various cutting-edge fields, the innovations become even more intriguing.


In this presentation, Biomedical engineer Dr Jordan Nguyen will raise an incredibly interesting and perhaps confronting conversation around links drawn between the fields of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, new techniques in 3D human scanning, neuroscience, and the ideas of human consciousness.


This topic raises a number of questions about what it is to be human and what is a moral approach to the incredible things we can achieve today with the latest advancements in technology – advancements that are increasingly blurring the lines between the virtual world and the real world.



Automation and Artificial Intelligence has been around for many years, but more recently the large leaps and bounds of the technology mean they are drastically affecting our businesses and digital lives. We’re finding we need to transform in response to these evolving technologies. Everyone has heard about the oncoming threat of AI, but what about the opportunities? What does it allow us to gain?


Our new generations are technological natives and do not know a world without the technology of today. What are they capable of? What might the future hold for them? And it’s valuable to recognise where talented individuals will move in the future.


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